Jet Medivac is a program specifically designed to provide travelers with a peace of mind about medical emergencies. If you happen to get sick or have an unfortunate injury while on your vacation/ business trip, Jet Medivac will pick you up from your current hospital and bring you back to the hospital of your choice within your home city. With one of our various membership packages you are guaranteed up to 3 air ambulance trips per calendar year.


When it comes to medical treatment, we realize that illness and injuries do not take a vacation. Here at Jet Medivac, we offer 24/7/365 availability to all of our members.

Core Values

  • Safety
  • Reliability

  • Experience
  • Familiarity

  • Convenience
  • Dedication

 Specialized Membership ID Cards

We provide all of our members their own Membership ID Card specialized with their Name, Photo, and Signature to verify their identity and membership status.